Commercial Ground Transportation

Any company that operates vehicles in a commercial transportation capacity is subject to the ground transportation and vehicle rental code found in chapter 5.08 of the Skagway Municipal Code.

Drivers for vehicles that do not require a CDL, will need to obtain an Alaska driver license, OR have a current federally compliant (realID) driver license from the state in which they reside. Additionally, an application for a Chauffeur’s Permit will need to be submitted; chauffeur permits will only be issued to those drivers whose companies have submitted their CGT packets. Please submit packets with all necessary forms and documents completed in full.

Forms and documents needed:

  • Completed certificate of transportation application
  • Copy of Municipal business license
  • Copy of vehicle registrations
  • Copy of certificate of liability insurance
  • Identification on vehicle in compliance
  • Completed driver roster
  • Copy of all driver licenses (if the driver does not hold a CDL, a class D Alaska driver license, or a federally compliant driver license from the state in which the driver resides, and Chauffeur’s Permit is needed)
  • Vehicle inspection form or current mechanics form for each vehicle
  • Off Street Parking Location

Applicable fees, per vehicle and per permit:

  • $300.00 Certificate of Transportation
  • $5.00 Bicycles
  • $50.00 Under 7 Passengers
  • $100.00 7-15 Passengers
  • $150.00 16-29 Passengers
  • $200.00 30 or more Passengers
  • $20.00 Chauffeur Permit Application Fee
  • $30.00 Chauffeur Permit Feefor each vehicle
  • Off Street Parking Location